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I have never shown one of my trees before… Have I mentioned, yet, that I’ve been doing this bonsai thing for twenty years? It’s about time I put one out there!

This show, along with my own 20 year anniversary, are the springboards for starting this blog. I should have better trees to show by now, but the past two decades have been spent keeping trees alive in pots, which I am slowly learning is quite different from being a bonsai practitioner.

So let that be a lesson to you young rascals out there. Don’t squander the years. Years are precious in bonsai. Learn everything you can as soon as you can so when you are twenty years in you have more to show than I.

I’ve stalled long enough. If the point is to show a tree, then I shall show a tree.

Boxwood (Buxux), approximately 20 years old and (keeping in mind all the caveats provided above) in training for 10 years. Northern Virginia Bonsai Society Fall Show, 2016, Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. Come on out and see it, and a bunch of other great trees. The show will be there all weekend.