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I confess. I have been a bonsai newb for two decades. About this time of year, twenty years ago, in 1996, I became fascinated with bonsai and the love of the art has never gone away. 

I got a book… Got a tree… Got another book… Got another tree… And another tree. Then two decades later I found myself thinking, “I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for this long, and I still don’t know what I’m doing.” 

That’s when I decided to get serious. I started reading more, researching, and following bonsai bloggers. I joined the local bonsai club, the Northern Virginia Bonsai Society, and in a fairly short time I learned more new information than I had since I read that first book. 

So this blog marks a new start – a second try at being a bonsai beginner, another iteration of myself as a bonsai enthusiast – and I hope to share the journey with you. So, see if you can figure out where to click to follow Bonsai Iterate and come along for the ride.