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As I’m sure you surmised, the name Bonsai Iterate is based on the lyrics from the 1987 INXS hit song, Mediate. Sing it with me! 

Love your mate, don’t suffocate on your own hate, bonsai iterate, a one world state as human freight…

Eh… You know, I’m not even sure that’s the pronunciation I prefer. What if it rhymed with “literate” (as in, I hope to become bonsai literate)? The first pronunciation would be a verb, right? Would the latter be an adjective, like “literate,” or would we prefer to think of it as a noun as we might use when we say, “this guy is a bonsai illiterate!” 

(Or a little rhyme) “Bonsai Iterate? More like bonsai idiot!”

You know what. I don’t care. Can we at least agree that bonsai is an iterative process? If we do it right, each iteration will be a little better than the last. Right?

Now sing me out with that little fading echo before the instrumental part…

Deviate. Reinstate.  Iterate, to iterate, to iterate…