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My relationship with tropicals is a strained one. My oldest trees are ficus (longest in my care, anyway), but I don’t live in a tropical zone. It seems as soon as they really get happy and growing in the summer sun, it’s time to drag them back indoors to protect them from cooler temperatures. 

This f. benjamina had just a couple of longer extensions removed before coming inside last week. (Please keep all judgments regarding Benjaminas to yourself. Thank you.)

I don’t have anything better than a bright office window to make this, and a half dozen other ficus happy for the full six months of every year they need to be inside. Inevitably, the trees are weakened and the growth unattractive by the time spring temperatures are reliably above 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night. I try not to move them back and forth too much for those few days in between (like the warmer weather we have this week). 

I have briefly considered getting rid of them, but I have had the tree pictured above since 1997, and I have a couple of F. Retusas I started as cuttings in 1996. I can’t just throw away (or give away, or sell) that kind of history.