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About this time last year I built a frame with shelves in a sheltered location on the back of the house. Storing all of this crap was not its intended purpose. 

This is just the mess I have let it become over the summer. Let me get this cleaned up so I can show what its really for.  [SNAP!]

Ah, that’s better. As you can see, this is intended as a sort of glorified cold frame that provides just a little bit of protection for a few trees in the coldest parts of our winter. 

Above, I have attached one plastic sheeting side. It is attached with Velcro strips on the lumber, and as you can see on the shelf, there, I can roll up these sides and store them during the growing season. 

Below, both sides are installed. 

I put these up for your benefit today. I won’t really need to tuck in my trees for the winter for another month or so. When really cold temps threaten, I will attach the door and close it up. 

Up against the house, the space will benefit from a little residual warmth, and the plastic barrier will protect these teees from damaging winds. 

Other trees, including evergreens, will not get closed up in here, but that’s a story for another day. In the meantime, I will start putting deciduous trees here after they drop their leaves.