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Another ficus, growing strong. Time to make some decisions. Here it is before today’s work. 

I started this tree from a skinny little cutting back in 1996. I’m thrilled that it has survived this long, but that it is still rather small and unspectacular is evidence of just how many things I have done wrong over the years. 

In a renewed effort to get it going in a better direction, I let it grow for a couple of years before cutting it back in 2016. On the left in the picture below, you can see what I cut off to leave the structure I am currently working with. 

Few branches remained, so this full, bushy growth is exactly what it needed. 

There’s a ways to go yet for a nice tree. In fact I am looking for a couple more well placed branches. Maybe some grafting will be in order. But that’s for another day. 

Here it is after some pruning and branch selection… and in a new pot to boot.