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I am very happy with my watering can upgrade. A green, 2.3 gallon, Haws Professional Outdoor Metal Watering Can (V150G) just arrived and I love it! A fine replacement to my old plastic can, also by Haws. 

I admit, I was a little disappointed when some cracks started showing up on the old, red plastic can, pictured. After years of use (and let’s face it, abuse) the collar at the base of the rose split forcing me to tape it in place. A while later it sprung a leak which required further taping, and you might also be able to see some cracking and crumbling of the plastic at the mouth of the can. 

Thinking about it, though, I think this old, red can has served me for about 8 years. Considering I let it sit in the baking sun and in all temperatures, wherever I happen to put it down, it’s pretty impressive that it did this well for so long. Obviously, I went back to the same brand for my new one, and I certainly recommend Haws to anyone looking for a special watering can of their own. 

All my thanks to my family for this wonderful gift!