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If you missed my post from a month ago about the tree I now call “Captain Jack” you can check it out HERE. As suggested in that post, I let my Ficus get happy in the summer heat before doing any work. 

It’s time. Here’s what it looks like this morning. 

Notice anything different? Sure, it’s grown a bit, but the pot has changed as well. Here’s an image from the original post. 

True to the theme of his name, Captain Jack is a bit of a sail. We had some strong storms come through a couple of weeks ago, and I had not secured Jack to the bench. The pot didn’t make it. It happens. Good thing I don’t use expensive pots. 

To the work!

I may have given away my intent with this image from the original post. Here I have zoomed in to show you less than 11 inches of the tree, and indeed, it is my plan to cut it way back. 

What do you think?

In addition to the long branch removal, I did repot wit some attention to the front and planting angle. It is turned to show off that big root flare at the base, and positioned with a stronger tilt to the left. 

So how tall is it now?

All of the remaining leaves were removed as well to force the tree to push out new growth. I promise this will happen. For you doubters, I will provide some evidence. This is a tree I worked on about a month ago when it looked like this:

Below is what it looks like today:

Have faith in the Captain!