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I have a fertilizer problem in my garden. The problem is my dog, Remi. She likes to eat solid organic fertilizer, which is what I’d really prefer to use. 

I have seen fertilizer baskets used, and thought I would give them a try. There is a real possibility she will eat the fertilizer anyway, basket-and-all, but I won’t know until I try. 

I wasn’t quite sure what to start with and ordered a hundred “medium” baskets for my experimentation. These were smaller than I imagined they would be and I am already planning to order some large baskets. 

In my collection of around 75 trees (don’t be impressed, they are nearly all at an early stage of development) the baskets I ordered were used up quickly. Even the smaller pots (6-9 inches) that make up the majority of my collection needed at least two baskets. 

There are a couple of key considerations I will be looking at to determine if this is a good solution to my fertilizer problem. 

First, I wonder if the baskets are going to prove to be durable over time. I had one basket that was broken in shipment which makes me wonder if others will break similarly with use. 

Second, I fear the time and labor involved in emptying and refilling baskets may seem overwhelming. We shall see. 

I will have to report back and let you know how things go.